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Name Department Email Extension Term
Brett BuSha Biomedical Engineering 2452 2018/F
Sandy Gibson Counselor Education 2136 2017/F (1-year replacement/Mawhinney)
Jean Kirnan Psychology 2637 2017/F  (on sabbatical AY 2016/2017)
Lynnette Mawhinney Elem/Early Childhood Education 2964 2017/F (on sabbatical AY 2016/2017)
Donka Mirtcheva Economics 2260 2019/F
Teresa Nakra Arts & Communication 2759 2018/F
Andrea Salgian Computer Science 2933 2019/F
Bethany Sewell Library 2405 2019/F
James Taylor Philosophy, Religion & Classics 2880 2018/F
Elizabeth Teixeira Nursing 2873 2018/F
Thulsi Wickramasinghe Physics 2562 2019/F
Ieva Zake Vice Provost – Academic Affairs 3080 Provost Designee
Qin Shao History 2207 Open seat for HSS (1-year replacement for Kirnan.)

The full Committee will consist of 11 members, with representatives from the following units:

  • One person from each of the following schools: Arts and Communication, Business, Education, Engineering, Nursing and HES (total of 5)
  • Two people from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (one from Humanities, one from Social Sciences)
  • Two people from the School of Science (one from Math/Computer Science, one from Biology/Chemistry/Physics)
  • One person from the Library
  • One designee from the Provost (The Provost or designee convenes and serves on this committee ex officio without a vote)