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Promotions Committee Comparison

Charge to the Committee on Faculty Affairs
On Composition of the Promotions Committee
The composition of the Promotions Committee, as set out in the 1997 Promotions Document, is:  4 faculty from the School of Arts and Sciences (1 each from Fine and Performing Arts; Humanities; Social Sciences: and Sciences); 2 faculty from the School of Education; 1 faculty member each from the Schools of Engineering, Nursing, and Business; and 1 librarian for a total membership of 10 persons.  Since that time, there has been an academic restructuring.  Instead of a School of Arts and Sciences, there are Schools of Art, Media, and Music; Culture and Society; and Science.  In light of these changes, the Committee on Faculty Affairs (CFA) is asked to recommend a new membership structure for the Promotions Committee.  CFA is asked to make its recommendation by March, 2003.

In order to allow the process to go forward this year, the Steering Committee also approved a process that would allow a one-year resolution to the composition issue to be recommended by Provost Briggs, Vice Provost Pasch, AFT Local 2364 President Edelbach and Vice President Evangelisto operating in their capacity as an administrator/local committee. This would permit an election to be held in the near future. The resolution reached is to be forwarded to the CFA for its consideration as it deliberates on a long-term recommendation.