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Calendar Time for Interdisciplinary Groups

Charge to:
Faculty Senate
Staff Senate
Student Government Association
On Meeting Times for Interdisciplinary Groups
September 23, 2002
At its meeting on 2-27-02, the Steering Committee received a request from the Women and Gender Studies and International Studies faculty to examine the need to provide time in the calendar for interdisciplinary groups to meet. While time is currently provided for departmental meetings, there is no time in the schedule allotted to interdisciplinary program faculty who could not meet during the time provided for their individual departments. Since The College is moving toward more interdisciplinary programs, the Steering Committee agreed that this was a good time to address this issue. The Steering Committee then forwarded this issue to the Committee on Planning and Priorities for further discussion. The Committee on Planning and Priorities determined that they were not the most appropriate Committee to address this issue and returned it to the Steering Committee suggesting that interdisciplinary groups meet on the second Wednesday of the month, from 3:30-4:30.

Following discussion at its September 11, 2002 meeting, the Steering Committee decided to request input from the Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and Student Government Association to help them make a decision to whether this would be an appropriate time slot for such meetings.