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Sabbaticals: Dean’s Role

Application for sabbatical leave is made through the Sabbaticals Council. However, a faculty member who intends to apply for a sabbatical should consult with his or her department chair and school dean prior to the submission of a proposal for sabbatical. Such consultation is likely to yield useful advice on preparing effective proposals and to diminish the likelihood of conflicts between school or departmental staffing needs and the plans of a faculty member to take a sabbatical in a given year or semester. Furthermore, a copy of the proposal submitted to Sabbaticals Council should be sent to the faculty member’s dean. Once the Sabbaticals Council has recommended a sabbatical proposal, it is the responsibility of the dean to advise the provost on whether the time period proposed for a sabbatical is consistent with the staffing needs of the school and department. In order to receive a sabbatical, the council’s recommendations then must be approved by the provost, the president, and the Board of Trustees.