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Terminal Degree Equivalency

Qualification for advancement in rank is contingent upon a faculty member’s having the requisite experience and the appropriate terminal degree. Faculty members who do not possess the appropriate terminal degree can be considered for advancement in rank only after their credentials are judged equivalent to the appropriate terminal degree. The steps for determining terminal degree equivalency are:

  1. The faculty member indicates to the chair that he or she wishes to establish terminal degree equivalency.
  2. The department contacts the appropriate professional organization and/or accrediting body soliciting the names of consultants qualified to judge equivalency.
  3. The department selects three consultants and charges each with reviewing the credentials of the faculty member and presenting their findings in a written evaluation.
  4. The department reviews the consultants’ reports and makes its recommendation on equivalency in writing to the dean of the school.
  5. The dean reviews all reports and recommendations and makes a recommendation on equivalency in writing to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  6. The Vice President for Academic Affairs indicates in writing to the faculty member, the department, and the dean whether equivalency has been established.
  7. The above steps must be completed and a decision reached regarding equivalency prior to the deadline for submission of applications for promotion in a given year.

posted 1/98