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Double Counting Courses for Minors

Double counting courses for minors


College policy is that minors are optional and that they consist of five courses. Only one course taken toward a student’s major may be double counted toward a minor. However, in rare instances CAP may recommend an exception to allow minor programs to double count two courses between the major and the minor.


Similarly, with regard to majors and minors within the same department, College policy does not prevent minors within the same department or subfield, although only a single course could be double counted toward the major and the minor.  However, ideally students should explore minors in areas that broaden their academic experience.


  • An exception is allowed to International Studies to double count two courses between the major and a related minor.


  • Also allowed is an overlap of two courses between an interdisciplinary Liberal Learning concentration (options A or B) and the major.


Modification of current policy recommended by CAP:  March 2006

Approved through governance:  2006