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Review of SOSA Policy

Charge to Committee on Faculty Affairs
On Reviewing SOSA Policies and Procedures
In 2000, a new model was adopted for supporting scholarly activity at The College of New Jersey.  In recognizing that new model, a change was made from FIRSL (Faculty Institutional Research and Sabbatical Leave Committee) to SOSA (Committee on the Support of Scholarly Activity).  Through SOSA, support is recommended to three categories of teacher-scholars:  1) those with established records of recognition and scholarly achievement (this can include sustained support for three years); 2) those who still are building records of accomplishment and recognition; and 3) those who have not had a sustained record of scholarship in recent years but who want to reactivate their scholarly activity.

There has not yet been a review of SOSA policies and procedures.  It is timely to do so now, all the more so in light of two concerns that have been raised by faculty members who have sought support through SOSA.  The first is whether recommendations for support are being made equitably for all three categories of teacher-scholars.  The second is whether SOSA should be providing feedback to applicants in order to help them better understand the SOSA process and to strengthen their applications for the future.

The Committee on Faculty Affairs should issue a report with its recommendations concerning both SOSA policies and procedures in general and the two specific issues that have been noted by May 1, 2003.