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Teaching at TCNJ

The College of New Jersey is committed to academic excellence. Your contribution to this mission will be enhanced by extensive communication with both your department chair and other faculty in the department. You are encouraged to discuss issues such as: what background/prerequisites students are expected to have, what courses they will take after completing your course, and departmental standards for student performance. In addition, the following resources may assist you in delivering an excellent education.

Accessibility Resource Center:

Students seeking special accommodations for differing abilities must contact the College’s Accessibility Resource Center. Following an evaluation by this office, faculty will be contacted with a description of the accommodations that must be made. For assistance, see your department chairperson, call the Accessibility Resource Center Office x3199, and/or the ARC website.

Bulletins and Course Catalog:

For academic program requirements, please refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin and the Graduate Bulletin. For course descriptions, please refer to the PAWS course catalog.  

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning:

If you are interested in discussing innovative approaches to pedagogy, reach out to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and its director, Dr. Brenda Leake ( The Center is located in Forcina Hall (see campus map).

Departmental Services and Support:

Each department’s staff is there to ensure smooth running of individual departments.  Consult with your department for help with your administrative needs such as duplicating. 

Office of Instructional Design:

If you would like to increase and improve the utilization of technology in your teaching, reach out to the Office of Instructional Design. Its director is Dr. Judi Cook (, and it is located in Forcina Hall (see campus map).

Human Resources:

The Office of Human Resources can answer many employment-related questions for adjunct faculty.

Liberal Learning:

Liberal Learning ( is the name TCNJ gives to its general education program, the part of the TCNJ education shared by its undergraduate students. Liberal Learning helps ensure that students learn fundamentals of reasoning, communicating, and living in today’s world. It provides students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences that will support their success during and after college, in their professional and personal lives. If you would like to increase your understanding of the Liberal Learning Program, including how to help students appreciate the importance and benefits of the program, please contact Kit Murphy (, Associate Provost for Curriculum and Liberal Learning.


The librarians at the R. Barbara Gitenstein Library include subject-area specialists who can direct you to holdings that may be relevant to your area, and, if desired, assist your class with instruction in library usage. In addition, with your TCNJ faculty ID card, you can borrow books from the libraries at the other state colleges, and any book can be placed on reserve for your courses at your request. 

Mental Health Services:

Members of the campus community, including faculty, may encounter students who seem troubled or disturbed. If faculty feel danger to a student or others is imminent, they should call campus police at 609-771-2345 immediately (or 911 from a campus phone). In addition, TCNJ provides broad counseling services for students as well as guidelines for questions faculty may have about how to deal with a student who seems troubled. Counselors are also available to assist faculty who are concerned about students who may have need of the office. Please call x2247 or see the office’s website for more information.

Policy Manual:

For information on TCNJ policies not covered in this handbook, see the TCNJ Online Policy Manual.

Tutoring Center:

The Tutoring Center is an excellent resource for all students. In some cases, appointments must be made, and so students are encouraged to contact the tutoring center early in the semester.