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For Chairs

Department Chairs Job Description

Department Chairs Calendar from Academic Affairs 2016-2017

Chairs Toolkit (Resources and Advice for Department Chairs/Program Coordinators)

Guidelines for program self-study

During the 2016-17 academic year, Office of Academic Affairs will continue to offer opportunities for 

professional development to Department Chairs and Program Coordinators:

On January 25 (Loser Hall, room 116 / 3-4pm) Lee Ann Riccardi will lead a workshop on current and future initiatives in global engagement and study abroad and the role that Department Chairs can play in them.

On February 15 (Loser Hall, room 116 / 3-4pm) Jordan Draper will hold Title IX information and training session. Sexual violence, dating violence and stalking are continuous issues on college campuses and within your role a student may disclose. By attending this session you will learn more on student protections under Title IX, how to help a student who has reported to you, and all the resources and rights the college offers those impacted  by violence.

On February 22 (Loser Hall, room 201 / 3-4pm) Tom Hammar (Treasurer’s Office) will hold a training session on Departmental budgets and budgeting strategies.