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How to Submit Issues to Governance:

Any member or group within the TCNJ community may raise an issue for governance.  All such issues should be sent directly to the Steering Committee ( rather than to individual committees or councils that make up the College-Wide Governance System. Steering will 1) determine whether issues are appropriate for consideration within the governance system, 2) assure that they are sent to the appropriate committee or council with well-defined charges, and 3) facilitate and monitor the flow of issues as they are considered through the governance process, including communication about their status to the TCNJ community.

In an inclusive environment, the default status of potential policy is that it should go through governance.  Exceptions to this practice include:

  1. 1.      A situation in which the proposed policy is subject to external mandate (such as legislation) such that the content of the  proposed policy is essentially unalterable.
  2. 2.      A situation in which the proposed policy is, in essence, an administrative procedure.
  3. 3.      A situation in which a proposed policy does not affect the broader college community.